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Here you go guys. And just in case, for those who
didn't notice, this is AJCS implied and referrd to,
but the story is actually about Asclepius.

It's inspired by and briefly refers to the RR, but
only up chapter 14 of course.

I think that's it, warning and all. hope you guys
like. :)

Title: Comfort Time
Author: Xandria
Rating: NC 17+
Fandom: Xena
Feedback: Yeah baby!
Pairing: Joxer/Ares, Cupid/Strife, Asclepius/?
Spoilers: You gotta be kidding me!
Summary: Asclepius has had a busy day, so his lover
decides to spoil him a little.
Notes: Inspired by the AJCS round robin currently
going, and by Beth.
Dedication: To Beth, you now have another title, muse,
as you inspired me with our little discussion to write
this. Cool! And also to Vo, see what happens when you
lend me GHS Xander?
Archive: if you like, that'd be nice.
Disclaimers: Other people own them all (Sob!)
Renaissance Pictures and all that have them. I own
nothing, except for a clarinet that needs to be
repaired and a 25 year old car whose value is the same
as the cost of repairing my clarinet. Which means my
total assets come to nothing, nada, zero, zilch.

Asclepius, God of Healing made it into his temple and
leaned against the door. He hoped nothing else
happened tonight, he really needed a rest.

"They don't pay me enough for this" he muttered,
closing his eyes as he leant there. He didn't even
have the energy to move now he was finally home.

"They don't pay you at all." A quiet voice said next
to his ear and he yelped before glaring at the voice's
owner. The glare turned into one of delight as he gave
Asclepius a gentle kiss.

"How did you get here? Not that I'm not glad to see

"Apollo gave me a lift."

"Dad? I didn't even know he knew about us. Guess that
means he's gonna deal with anything that comes up
tonight then."

"Ahuh. Let me take care of you." Smiling, the God let
his mortal lover lead him to his room and sat him down
by the bed. Interspersed with kisses, he carefully
removed each garment and folded it before returning to
pamper him some more. Asclepius sat there, eyes shut,
letting it all happen as he tried to unwind for the

"Oh that feels so good." He moaned as he was finally
naked and his lover laid him down and began to give
him a massage. Pressing in on all the sore muscles he
grinned as Asclepius alternately moaned and swore.

"So. Big day, huh?"

"Oh yeah. Without going into too much detail, it was a
bitch. Two of my four worst patients are sick, and
their partners just made it that much harder for me."

"So who is this time? Strife, Joxer, Cupid or Ares?"


"Pretty obvious they'd be your worst patients, babe."

"Huh. Well, you may as well know, then. Joxer's ill,
very ill, and it's Ares' fault. Indirectly. He acted
out of ignorance and now Joxer's hurt, so of course
Ares is both pissed and upset about that. And you
heard Strife was pregnant? Well, there's been some
complications so he's not allowed out of bed, which
upsets him, and Cupid's upset because it's Strife.

"And today, for some reason both he and Strife took it
in turns to faint during the day. Joxer's alternated
between amnesia and practical joking, I've spent more
time popping in and out of both temples in one day
than I have for months, plus Cupid opened his big
mouth and nearly endangered their baby. Really
tempting to just wire his jaw shut for the rest of it
so Strife goes to term."

"Wow. Big day alright."

"Yeah. Oh, that feels so good. You have great

"Thanks babe. But I think it's time for your bath

"Hmmmm." Eyes half shut still, Asclepius let himself
be guided into the next room and into a hot bath, with
rosemary and jasmine oils swirling around in it.

"Relax, babe. Let someone take care of you for a
change." His lover murmured before reaching down with
a cloth to clean him. Asclepius just let him do what
he wanted, too tired to do more than that.

And when he was done, he sat down in the bath and
brought Asclepius over to lay on him, nearly asleep.
Then sat there in the hot water for an hour or so as
he held him and stroked him and kissed him
occasionally. Finally, the God of Healing stirred and
sat up a little, enough so he could turn and look back
at him.

"Thank you. I needed that."

"I know. Let me dry you off, now, and I'll feed you."

A few minutes later they lay together on a pile of
cushions and fed each other assorted foods, cleaning
up any mess with their tongues. Panting, Asclepius
moaned as his lover moved lower and began to use his
mouth and lips.

"I didn't think I spilled any food down there?" He
looked up and smiled.

"No, but look at this, it's all messy anyway." That
said, he opened his mouth and took the whole length
into his mouth. Asclepius tensed up and then relaxed
as he felt his lover's tongue move up and down. With a
shout, he let go and fell back in a puddle of
satisfaction, unable to move, large smile on his face.

"Damn, you're good at this. Sure you don't want to
change professions?"

"No, I like what I do. C'mon. Let's go to bed. I'm
sure you've got just as busy a day tomorrow." Pulling
him up, they went back into the bedroom and lay down
on their sides, facing each other and smiling. Until
Asclepius frowned suddenly as he realised something.

"Hey...what about you? Do you want me to do something
for you?"

"You didn't notice? You were wonderful, so wonderful I
kinda came the same time as you. Now, get some sleep,
Ace. The earlier you get up, the more time we'll have
in the morning."

"That'd be nice. Good night Auto."

"Good night Babe." Soon, both the King of Thieves and
the God of healing were sleeping peacefully, arms
wrapped around each other.


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