Challenge Description

Anyway, a long time ago there was a challenge issued on a newsgroup I'm attached to. It was:

If _______ wrote (whatever fav show)

Well, I was thinking to get everyone's motor running, we have a challenge along the same lines, instead it would be:

If ______ wrote Xena/Hercules.

Challenge rules:

Must be at least 100 words, but can be more.

Title must contain If ______ wrote Xena/Hercules

Now I know you're wondering 'what is the ____ in there suppost to be?' I'll tell yeah.

Some examples I saw to let you know what the heck I'm talking about.

If Dr. Suess wrote Xena/Hercules
If Cops wrote Xena/Hercules
If Mel Blanc (he does Bugs Bunny) wrote Xena/Hercules

Whatever, as long as it has the feel as if the writers of other shows or books were to have a crack at writing Xena/Hercules. I hope this makes sense. It's a bit hard to explain. I can't wait to see if any one takes me up on this, it'll be fun!


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