Challenge Description

Title: If You Hear This From Your Mom, Just Give Up
Author: Scribe

1. "I suppose if all your friends..."
2. "When I was your age..."
3. "You KNOW what you did!"
4. "If I have to TELL you..."
5. "No kid of mine..."
6. "Yes, you DO like this. You've liked it every other time I've fixed it."
7. (After a sigh) "What's THAT supposed to mean?"
8. "Don't you roll your eyes at me!"
9. "Because I said so."
10. "I saw that!"
11. "I heard that!"
12. "Why ask me? It's not like you care what I think."
13. "As long as you live under this roof..."
14. (Very casual) "So, how was your study period at the library? Have I mentioned that they've started closing two hours early for the summer?"
15. "That's because she's your grandmother, and she doesn't have to LIVE with you!"
16. "Because I said so."
17. "I don't HAVE to give you a logical explination."
18. "Who ever told you life was fair?"
19. "But this house ISN'T a democracy--it's a totalitarian state, and I'm the dictator." (Mom is cool if she adds, "And your father is the puppet ruler.")
20. Last, but far from least... "I'm not angry. I'm hurt--and disappointed."

So, how about making this OT into a challenge.

Who's the Mom in the family? Ares or Joxer? Who starts to say these things without noticing? What happens when they start to listen to themselves?

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