Challenge Description

Can someone write me a fic where Vaako from Chronicles of Riddick was
once Cupid? Like he got taken over and taken in and can't really
remember who he is anymore? Though, it would probably end up being a
dark fic, since Cupid doesn't have wings anymore and he's so anti-love.

Maybe Strife could come and save him. Then there would be
reprogramming, revenge, and Ares pissed off that his son was so
completely warped.

Or it even could be that its after the gods have lost nearly all their
power which is how they got sucked into the other universe.

Here's my e-mail:

If someone picks up my Xena/Chron of Riddick request, can you please
either send me a copy of the story, or a link to where it's posted?

Thank you,

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