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I've noticed that there are a lot of characters that don't get into very many fanfics. They're just sort of hanging in limbo with nothing to do. I thought it might be interesting to see some of them written into some story lines.


The Xena look-alikes:
= Meg; tavern owner (bit of a tart)
= Leia; Hestian Priestess
= Princess Diana (bit of a snob)

= Poseidon God of the Ocean
= Amphitrite (Poseidon's wife)
= Triton (thier son)

= Kraftstar; Priest of Dahok

= Salmoneus; traveling salesman

= Virgil; son of Joxer and Meg

= Cycrops, The Lost Mariner (300 year old immortal sailor)

= Nemesis; former Goddess of Retribution
= Evander, son of Nemesis and Ares

= Ephiny, Regent of the Amazons
= Phantes the Centar (her husband)
= Xenan (thier son)

= Ulysses; King of Ithica (hero of the Trojan War)

= Velasca; former Amazon and unaligned Goddess

= Dracco; Warlord, enemy of Xena's (was bespelled by Bliss with one of Cupid's arrows to fall in love with Gabrielle)

= Minya (friend of Xena and Gabrielle)

= Flora; resistance fighter (Xena's friend)

I would love to see some fics where these characters get the chance to come out of the woodwork and cause mischief for everyone. ::grins::


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