Challenge Description

This funny idea came to me one night, really weird, but after
thinking about it for a while I thought to post this as a challenge
to see if anyone can write a serious story using this idea.

Say that the Triple Js' [that's Joxer, Jett & Jayce] mum caught the
eye of three different Gods. For three consecutive nights each God
visited her {I hope this doesn't need explaining, and please no gory
details either}. Nine months later she gave birth to triplets.
Each triplet has a different father, you can choose who fathered
which triplet.

However the following must be in the story:
1, The Triple Js can't know their demi-Gods at the beginning of the
story. While the fathers' have an inkling they are the father, I
would like it all of them think they were the father of all three
[although it's not mandatory].
2, All three triplets are given Godhoods. And please make it
something that relates to their fathers' Godhood and something that
reflects part of their personality [if their personality differs
from how they are in the shows then please make it part of the story
for the readers can understand your thoughts during the story].
{Nothing annoys me more than writers expect you to understand what
they're thinking without actually writing it!}
3, While it is expected you maintain the lists couples A/J and C/S,
I want both Jett and Jayce to have committed relationship with a
Godly lover [again it's up's to you if the relationships are normal,
but I would like if they have separate lovers]. Again this is
something that is totally up to you. And whether the relationship
is from the beginning of the story or is developed during the story
{and one meagre sentence in the Epilogue does NOT count}.
4, I hope this is something I don't have to say, but I'm going to
anyway. Don't make Ares Joxer's father and don't have that kind of
father/son bonding with Jett or Jayce either.


Daas Buffy,

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