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This popped in my head, and I thought I'd share, maybe it'll spark a
fic idea for someone...

Looking at the triplets from a different angle, what if the triplets
were gods in their own rights, but not quite what you'd think?

I'm thinking that Jayce could be the God Of Deception, dealing with
misdirection, subterfuge, distractions, disguises, all things
misrepresented in war.

Joxer could be the God of Determination or Persistence, dealing with
all things related to perseverance, resolve, belief in a cause,
stubbornness, achieving a goal, etc.

Jett could be the God of Stealth or Surreptitiousness (I know, doesn't
work well as a God title, maybe Surreption?), dealing with sneaking,
clandestine meetings, hidden agendas, surprise attacks, deaths behind
the scenes, etc.

I see them as part of the House of War, not sure how, maybe they're
the kids of Discord, or Strife, or heck, even Cupid (that'd be
interesting, since Bliss is obviously from the Love side of his
parentage, the triplets would even it out a bit being from the War
side). Not Ares though, since I'd like to see some Ares/Joxer :)

Not a great write up, but you get the idea :)

Nothing more than that, just a hope this catches someone's fancy for a


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