Challenge Description

Alright ya'll. I've got a challenege for ya.

Okay, first, you've got to use a title for your fic from one of these main shows. And the story has to match the title somewhat. If you use 'Zero', the story has to have a reason you picked that title.

Anyway, here are the fandoms you must take a title from...



Star Trek

Big Wolf on Campus

The Pretender



Law and Order Red Dwarf

You can use whatever episode title from one of these fandoms you like, but you have to let us know what fandom it's from. If you've never seen an episode of any of these shows, then pick your own show but let us know what it is.

Second, it has to be a Mary Sue or a Marty Stu, but you can't wind up with any of the guys. I know, but who'd wanna read it if you got to boink the guys and they couldn't? lol You can as the Mary or Marty, kiss, flirt and make lewd suggestions, but the guys have to either ignore you, bop you one, blush or think it's a great idea and go after their wet dream. In other words, not you. lol

You have to make yourself look and act like you would normally do in real life. No giving yourself powers, looks or sex appeal if you normally don't have it. So, if you're 250lb and look like you got smacked by the ugly 2 x 4, you can't make yourself look like a supermodel.

Third, you MUST include no more then two list sibs by name in your story. You can have them talk, interact or just be mentioned, but they can't get no satisfation either.

Fourth, no detailed sex scenes. The highest rating this can have is an R. And this has to be funny, a parody or just plain dumb. I've been working hard for the past month and I need some humor in my life right now. *looks at Scribe* I do get plenty of that from you and you too Corona.

Fifth, it can't be more then three parts long. And NO sequels to it. This is a one shot deal.

Anyway, that's basically it. I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. I myself am working on Fated Part 7 and Opposites, but don't hold your breath on when they'll come out. I've been so damn tired lately from over working. RL sucks major donkey nuts.



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