Challenge Description

Hello Everyone, Well I am headed out the door even as I write this but I couldn't pass up a good story challenge when it hits me :)

Anyway, many of you have often heard me refer to what I call my "Slash Muse" so I thought now there's story challenge if I ever heard of one. :)

We all know about the nine muse but what about the Tenth Muse? The Slashy Muse, The one who lives and loves to Slash. So the challenge is:

The Tenth Muse Challenge:
To write a story discribing your Slashy muse and how he/she or it gets Joxer, Ares, Cupid and Strife together. This story is welcome to mention the other fandoms that your Slashy Muse appears in along with some of it's greatest success at slashing. :)

Have Fun everyone and I wish you Happy Writting and Happy Reading, Lady Q, heading out to NJ with her Slashy Muse along for the ride :)

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