Challenge Description

Well, that last challenge I tossed out got phenominal response, so I thought I'd try again. Besides, a very nice reader named coyo solicited a plot bunny, so maybe this will help out.

It's another simple sentance challenge. Four words this time, but again they can be put into so many different situations and types of story. They can be comedic, horrifying, dramatic, seductive... They're loaded. There are situations where you'd give anything to hear this, and situations where hearing it would freeze your blood, or make it curdle in disgust. It can be said by a hero, a lover, a villain, or a friendly nemisis. They can be said in a bedroom, a hospital, a prison, or in the middle of a raging fire (you figure it out--they'd be shouted). Here it is--

"Take your clothes off."

- Scribe

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