Challenge Description

Okay, here's a zanny and really twisted thought. I know that
sometimes when I'm writing a C/S fic, I have problems with the whole
Psyche affair. I really like the idea of C/S together, but sometimes
feel bad for making Psyche into a big HO. HO. HO. Sorry, sugar high!

So...What if Psyche was really Strife in disguise?

What the heck, you say?

Well, let's say the big bad GOW was after Hercules once again. So, he
sends Strife down in a *really* good disguise. So good, it not only
fools Hercules, but Cupid and Aphrodite, too. *Maybe even possesses
Psyche's body, and Cupid falls in love with the inner Strife. :)*

So Strife, being Strife, get's sidetracked by the whole thing, and
falls for Cupid.

Anyone feels up to trying to write this puppy, feel free, I'd be
interested to see how it turns out.

Well...I think I'll stop sharing now...I'm even starting to look at
me weird.

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