Challenge Description

This is kind of disjointed but here goes.

In the series Strife was Eris' son, no father was
mention and Fandom has pretty much slated him to be
one of those spontaneous generation babies like
Hephaestus and Athena. But Athena was *not* without a
mother. Metis conceived with Zeus, but a prophesy
stated that the child Metis (a Titan, goddess of
Prudence) gave birth to after Athena would surpass his
father in strength and be lord of the heavens…
actually it was pretty detailed… the boy would bring
about the end of Zeus' reign. (Which, if you look at
the event in Cannon, the death of Strife kicked off
just that.) So Zeus tricked Metis into a contest of
shape shifting and when she was in the form of a fly,
he consumed her, thus keeping her wisdom/advice
available inside him at all times.

In some versions it is Prometheus who splits Zeus'
skull to free Athena, but in others it is Hephaestus.
If it was Heph, then it would have been after Ares and
Eris were born – what if Eris did not conceive Strife,
but merely gave birth to him? The events surrounding
his conception and the attempts to prevent his birth
would have created a great deal of discordant energy.

It's not a full blown plot or anything, but what if
Strife were Athena's unborn twin? They could have been
conceived at the same time, but while she grew to
adulthood inside Zeus and sprung forth from his head
he was somehow moved to Eris and could have spent
years, decades, centuries hiding/maturing until it was
safe to be born, when everyone would assume he was a
product of discord.


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