Challenge Description

Hey listies,

This challenge suddenly struck me and I just had to share it with y'all. So, here goes.


Due to a recent prank pulled on her by our lovable mischief maker, Aphrodite decides to get a little of her own back. So, she devises a small assistant to help in her endeavors. We'll call it the 'Love Bug' (just because it seems like something 'Dite would think up), and it's sole purpose is to make a god stalking irresistable. She sends the Love Bug out and it manages to bite Strife on the ass while he's walking out of the stream he was bathing in. Everything goes according to plan, except for one small problem. Instead of Strife's irresistability (is that even a word?) being felt by everyone, it only affects ADULT males (god and mortal). And the center of all that love power is in, you guessed it, Strife's ass. Chaos ensues. (Run wild y'all!)


~Strife/Cupid in the end (you decide if anyone else gets a 'piece' of him before then)

~A 'hands on' Zeus trying to 'help'

~An oddly unshy Joxer trying to get in on the action (maybe all three triplets *evil grin*)

~Try to get as many of the Xena/Herc male characters into the story as you can without it becoming cumbersome

~Zeus begging 'Dite to let the Love Bug bite him

~No rape/non-con. Keep this one as light hearted and humerous as possible.

~Feel free to visual and discriptive as you want *puppy dog eyes*

~PWP's are perfectly alright here. In fact, I encourage them. There aren't nearly enough on the list.

Other than that, screw around to your heart's content.

Have fun y'all,

p.s. I'm working on the next part of Asunder, so keep your pants on. *whispers* [No, Cupid, yours are perfectly fine on the floor where they are.]

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