Challenge Description

Hellloooooooooooooooo guys and gals :)

Okay, had this weird idea while i was listening to The Nobodies by
Marilyn Manson, and no i don't get where it came from! LOL

Ok, now i have a strange feeling i might have seen either a challenge
or fic along these lines, if so, apologies in advance if i'm treading
on any toes.

Okay, here's the thing, i'm thinking a Cinderella theme, with Ares or
Cupid as Prince Charming and Joxer or Strife respectively as
'Cinderella'. I see it as a Cupid/Strife one myself, but with
Ares/Joxer in it too, of course! LOL

If you choose Cupid as the Prince, I was thinking Deimos and Phobos
could be the 'Ugly Stepsisters' to Striferella(LOL), Dite the 'Fairy
Godmother'etc, but of course it all depends on how you approach the
fic, these aren't an obligatory part of the challenge :)

so, any takers?

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