Challenge Description

I have this challenge. Blame Smallville's episode 'Leech' for this. It's the
beginning where this boy named Eric stands on the railing of some bridge,
while in the background or him listening this song plays, then Clark sees
him, yells and Eric gets ready to fall over but Clark gets there in time and
while pulling him up by his bag which contains some green meteor rocks,
Clark gets hit by lightening. Anyway, this is one of my favorite songs.

So, I envisioned either Strife or Ares saying this bout his mother or father
respectively. Anyway, write a short fic about how one of these guys or both
feel about their lives or their lives with their parent.

Here's the song, which is called 'Fade' by Stain'd, their Break the Cycle

I try to breathe
Memories overtaking me
I try to face them but
the thought is too
Much to conceive

I only know that I can change
Everything else just stays the same
So now I step out of the darkness
That my life became 'cause

I just needed someone to talk to
You were just too busy with yourself
You were never there for me to
Express how I felt
I just stuffed it down
Now I'm older and I feel like
I could let some of this anger fade
But it seems the surface
I am scratching
Is the bed that I have made

So where were you
When all this I was going through
You never took the time to ask me
Just what you could do

Repeat Pre
Repeat Chorus

What do you all think? If you have this CD, make sure to listen to this
first. To get a feel for your fic.

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