Challenge Description

I'd like to propose a song fic challeng to the list, if I could. Only
guidline that I have is that the fics should try to contain both couples: A/J and C/S. In my next e-mail are some links to a few songs that I believe would make for great fics, and the couples/people I believe that they fit the most. Bonus points if you use 'em! ;) ~stryfemrys <--A classic song lyric server.

Remember: Bonus points if you use 'em! ;) The links to lyics of the songs that I'd like to see and the couples/people I believe that they fit the most are listed below:

^--"Bad Moon Rising" It reminds me of that mess with Dahak.

^--"Lola" I think it fits A/J, but I'm not sure why.

^--"You May Be Right" Strife and Ares to their respective lovers.

^--"Trouble in Shangri-La" C/S trying to deal with Psyche. Could also fit A/J if they had a fight.

^--"Behind Blue Eyes" Strife or Joxer to respective lovers if something
depressed them. Not sure on Joxer's eye color, but the "blue eyes" part of the song could also be seen as being sad, if his eyes are some other color.

^--"Bitter Creek" Stife or Joxer.

^--"Carry On My Wayward Son" Song reminds me of Strife and his absentee dad.
^--"You Can't Always Get What You Want" A/J

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