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Alright, this keeps popping up in my head, but because I have nearly
five fics to finish before January, three of which are due by the end
of this month, I thought i'd share this with everyone.


"In every tribe, there is a guardian known as A Sentinel. Now, these
Sentinels are chosen based on a genetic advantage that no normal
humans have."

Joxer: a Sentinel, a human being with all five Senses enhanced. His
job is to protect his 'tribe' from any enemies that may attack it.

Ares: The God of War and Creator of the Sentinels. He created
Sentinels to protect his Blood Innocents.

"Every Sentinel has a partner, a guide of sorts, to keep them
from 'zoning out' and to keep them grounded in the 'real' word."

Joxer is a Sentinel, though he doesn't know it. He just knows that
his ancestors had a 'sense' awareness unlike those of anyone else, as
does he. Everytime he trips, stumbles, falls, is when his senses get
out of his control and he has to bring them under control.

Ares is sent to live in Greece. Zeus has challenged him to live as a
mortal for who knows whatever reason and that he could choose 'one'
person to stay with. Without knowing why...he chose Joxer.

The challenge is the above, and the following:

Ares figuring out Joxer has heightened senses and that he, for some
reason, is the only one can control them.

Joxer learning how to control his senses and he figures out Ares is
in love with him.

Joxer bringing Cupid and Strife together as a couple.

Ares eventually overthrowing Zeus.


you don't have to add everything I put down, but I would at least
like the first three if anyone takes up this challenge. Otherwise, go
nuts with it. I would just like to see a Sentinel!Joxer story with a

I hope someone takes this up!


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