Challenge Description

I was reading a lot of Joxer/Ares stories and came across a seaquest story. Now we all know how the world got to be the way it was in seaquest, but what if thats not how it happened.

What if the real reason is that The immortal Joxer was killed by another god (any you choose) as a punishment to Ares. But being that Ares loved Joxer so much he decided to take the powerbase of all the other gods and destroyed them. Unbeknownst to the other gods Gia (spelling?) and Ares made a deal, that until the other gods let Ares and Joxer be together again, the land masses would continue to shrink. And when the last land goes under the sea Gia will go into such a deep sleep that it would cause the world to revert back to its beginning, with no life but Gia. Thus the powers of all the other gods will end.

So when joxer is reborn as a mortal named Tim.......Gia smiles.


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