Challenge Description

I have read a few stories in which Joxer and his brothers were Strife's children.

Well, I have a challenge..

They are Strife's triplets.. but very unusual. They are actually a hive mentality.. that is Joxer/Jett/Jace are personalities of one being in three bodies. Strife is dead.. and they are TICKED OFF cause nobody saved him.

This is my challenge.. they decide to bring him back.
1) They must merge into one being .. one body.. using an artifact to become a god or titan.
2) They must plot a way to become King of the Gods.
3) They take Ares as consort.. and fall in love with him.
4) They bring back Strife.. get revenge for him from the others .. (i.e. Discord, Hercules.. Gabrielle)
5) They bind Strife to Cupid. Not just marry him.. but soul bind him so that he is anchored to this reality. They totally destroy Psyche... the bitch.
6) Strife and Cupid fall in love when it is found out that Cupid really was under a love spell put on him by Zeus so that Ares' line would never rule Olympus.

Hope.. no PRAY.. that someone takes up this challenge.
I love to read stories where Joxer is good.. and ends up good and powerful.

Thank you ..

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