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I was re-reading Kayla's saga, Unexpected Alliances on JLA and it attacked me. Anyway, my idea is this: Strife is reborn to Joxer and Ares, and of course, the blonde bimbo and Xena have no clue about Joxer and Ares' marriage (I dunno if Joxer had been born a god or made one, and dunno if it really matters). So, as Joxer is on his mission to torment the two, he finds a lost Strife who had just relearned flashing and was having problems with it. Ensuing cheerful reunion between daddy and son. How do the two respond (assuming they know that this is Strife, and how do Joxer and/or Ares tell them the truth about their relationship? OK, so canned plot, but I was a Women's Studies major, not a writing major. I know how to write about court cases and iinjustice, not fic. Thanks to anyone who can use some or all of this.


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