Challenge Description

Okay I've got a challenge for you guys. Please, take me up on it. I would love to read about this. Ahem, anyway...

Call this the Real Life challenge.

What this entails is either have Ares and Joxer or Cupid and Strife, which ever couple you want to use, do a first time sex scene. It has to be a PWP sort of thing. You can expand on it later if you so desire.

What I mean by Real Life is, when the couple of your choosing finally has sex, there has to be body smells, bodily noises, pain, hair pulling, difficulty with clothing coming off, etc.

What do I mean?

Bodily smells:

1. after sex funk (you know what I mean)
2. sweaty arm pit funk (hey, guys DO smell under there)
3. bad breath (in the heat of the moment, no one checks for fresh breath)

Bodily noises:

1. sweaty bodies rubbing together (believe me, it makes for an interesting sound, sort of like a fart)
2. entering a really slick passage way (hey it could happen, sounds like a fart too)
3. sucking on a cock (ever hear the strange sound this makes? I have, yup sounds like a fart, sort of)


1. entering the body (not enough lube and it's ouch city)
2. slight facial hair (5 o'clock shadow hurts on a non hairy face)
3. hair pulling (if the one with the longer hair is on the bottom, the top could pull hair by accident, it's happened to me)


1. ass not washed (sorry had to throw this in, I wouldn't know cause we always shower first, but I doubt in the heat of the moment you'd wash that particular area first.)

Visible ick:

1. no enemas in ancient Greece (I have no idea if this is true or not, but, well ya know what I'm getting at)

Okay, now that I've totally grossed ya'll out. Let's see those stories! Hopefully, I got your muses inspired. I've got a ton of plots and ideas but, I'd rather see you guys write.


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