Challenge Description

Hey guys!

First off, I want to wish everyone here a Happy Holiday. :)

Ahem, now on with the challenge.

Okay, call this challenge 'Reversal'. I'm just soo imaginative, ain't I? LOL

Anyway, here's my challenge. And if no one takes me up on it, I'll...I'll...I'll hold my breath till I turn blue.

Now, what this challenge entails is this, every single person in both the Xena and Hercules universe must change gender. No, I'm not talking about some magic potion or spell, I'm talking about everyone has to have been born the opposite sex.

A few examples, Ares is Goddess of War, Aphrodite is God of Love, Strife is Goddess of Mischief, Cupid is Goddess of Love, Psyche is God of the Mind, Zeus is Goddess of Thunderbolts, Hades is Goddess of the Underworld, Joxer is female, Xena is male, Gabrielle is male, Hercules is female, Iolaus is female, etc.

Now, you may be thinking 'Duh, well how did everyone get born then?'

Good question...

Well, in the case of Ares and Aphrodite, Ares had all their children. In the case of Zeus and Hera, Zeus had the children (and yes he/she is still a roving pig). In the case of Cupid and Psyche, Cupid had Bliss (who would be female too).

Also, I know what your thinking, 'Why do the guys have girl names and the girls have guy names?'

Another good question...

Let's just say, they think it's vice versa, we keep them the way they are so we know who the hell you're talking about.


1. Absolutely NO explicit sex. Why? I can NOT stand f/f sex. ::shivers in disgust:: Sorry, but it's one of my squicks. You can hint all you want at it though.
2. It must contain the main pairings. Duh! LOL Well, I had to throw that in sometime. :)
3. You have to make us feel, see, imagine, whatever that the people really are the opposite sex. We need details. What do they look like? How do they act, opposed to their 'normal' selves? Etc.

Sound good? I sure as hell hope so. I would LOVE to see this. I know we have excellent writers out there, so get to it!

Xandria? Scorpio? Scribe? Hergerbabe?? Brandy? Corona? Kris? I know one of you guys have to be interested in this.


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