Challenge Description

The Revelation challenge:

Your favorite guy is misunderstood by those he respects and cares for. For some reason no one has ever bothered to see beyond the facade he gives the world.

However a crisis comes up that leaves the lives of the ones they love in great jepordy. To save them he must reveal his true nature to the one person he never thought to tell the truth to put of fear of being turned away.

In the process of the truth coming out hes manage to find love with the one person he thought was out of his league.

Must have the lines: "You hid yourself for so long you became invisble. Or was it just me not wanting to see how badly I had failed at our friendship?"

Must have someone who is out of the picture, come back into it.

Thanks and I hope this insipres you to write something. Even if its to tell me I challenge to much.


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