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Hey all. ^_^
Well, it's like this. I was sitting here, trying to get my hair dry after my shower, thinking of all the wonderful fics I've read and skimming over "Mortality Sucks" again when something occurred to me. In most of the fics I've read (which is admittedly far too few for my taste) that Ares 'sent' Joxer to Xena, it was to be protected. But what if it was another reason entirely? What if he really sent him there for a selfish and 'mean' reason?

Well, it kept bothering me. Then, while I was watching my cat being cute and trying to get me to play with him, another thought occurred to me. What if, when the triplets were born and 'given' to Ares, Ares happened to overhear (correctly or not) that the youngest, Joxer, had a great and terrible destiny. Such as....defeat the God of War and take his godhood. But, I thought to myself, Ares wouldn't really be able to interfere with Jox directly if that was the case, right? So what if he maneuvered events to make sure Joxer was a clumsy, sweet, innocent and therefore unable to take the godhood of War?

I know, I know, it's an awful idea, but I figured what the hell. Most of my ideas are. ^_~
==bestrafe mich==

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