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Ranma/Xena Challenge:

Ranma is Joxer reborn. If there was ever anyone who deserved to be a hero and a warrior it is definitely Joxer.

The Greek gods are dead/asleep/imprisoned etc [possibly just the House of Aggression (This includes the House of Love) this would give them a chance to escape what happened to the other gods. Its possible that they are merely in a voluntary form of sleep/hibernation and have been dreaming of what has been happening in the world, unlike the rest of the gods. The ones who survived were forced into hibernation, and not all of them survived it, being unprepared for it. This is just a suggestion, an interesting one, but you don't have to use it.] You come up with the reason why and the back story

Joxer was destined to be Ares' Mate/Consort etc… but what happened to the gods interfered, and Joxer died, however you want him to, possibly of old age.

Ranma's defeat of Saffron finished waking Ares. The process was started with the world wars. Upon waking Ares sets about waking the rest of his House, and discovering what it is that woke him ahead of schedule.

He follows the energy signature the Ranma left behind when he killed saffron and finds Ranma/Joxer, after the failed wedding attempt.

What happens after that is up to you. (to deal with the whole Ares is male thing, Ranma might just be Bisexual, or it could be the female side of his curse kicking in. Do you really think he would let his father even begin to suspect the he was? Come on Ranma's not stupid, plus I don't think that he has trusted Genma since the whole Nekoken thing. Not to mention the other truly boneheaded training stunts that you just know Genma has pulled. Ares finding out about the Nekoken should be amusing. Please include what he does the Genma.)


Please email me of you choose to accept this challenge with either a copy of the story, or where it is posted

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