Challenge Description

Hello again,

This was knocking around in my head and I just wanted to share with y'all.

Punk Rock AU Challenge


1) Cupid/Strife smut action. Be as graphic as possible *puppy dog eyes*

2) Strife as the lead singer of a modern punk band (sexy bitch in leather/strategically torn clothes/metal)

3) NO godly anything! Everyone is normal/mortal/ get the picture :)

4) Cupid as the consumate groupie (sexy bitch in leather/strategically torn clothes/metal). *drool*

5) Lots of screaming girls trying to get into Strife's pants, but only a certain blonde haired hunk succeeds.

6) No non-con/rape (very important!)

7) Can be a PWP/shortfic/series. You decide.

I know I've left it pretty open, but I want y'all to go with it as YOU see fit, not me.

Have fun listies!

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