Challenge Description

Alright you guys. It's been a tad quiet here at AJCS. ::glares at thewriters, who are currently arguing with their muses::

I have a challenge or idea for you writers out there. You all know who youare. Brandy(i haven't heard from you in awhile, wah!), HB, Star, Corona(yougonna finish Who's Who or what??), Scribe(your puter fixed yet??), Vesper(isaw that story of yours, you can't hide from me), Carrie(you write too slowwoman!), Xandria(it's not nice to hook us into your writing abilities andthen just stop), etc. This ain't just for the above authors, I want otherauthors to write too ya know.

Okay here's the deal...

You must use the following words, but don't make them big or anything justwrite them in normally.

spicy meatball
fish market
leather thong
hair brush
tongue piercing
belly dancer
rose bush

You need to have two or more of the following 'extras'...


You must include the following articles of clothing or accessories...

lace panties
chastity belt
leather choker(necklace)

It's got to be more then 100 words total.

It can be serious, humorous, angsty, sappy or smut filled, but it can't leadinto a sequel. This is a one shot deal.

One of the main characters has to start the story out with the followingsentence...

'Why do I have this sudden craving for pig's knuckles?'

I know this is alot, but it'll hopefully get those creative juices flowing.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this, so start writing!



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