Challenge Description

Hello All-

Im a sick little person, ((just came down with the flu...kill me...kill me now...)) And I just came up with a challenge for ya'll all to entertain me, and everyone else, while Im stuck at home. *sniff*

Well, anywho, as I was sitting with my box of tissues and watch my Xena Tapes I came across "Here She comes....Miss Amphipolis" And I was thinking, what if say Strife and Ares always boasted to each other what a great person Cupie and Jox are but always get in a fight over who has the best lover or something along those lines. So they have a kind of bet that Olympus, ((or any audience you would like to choose....)) would choose their lover over the other one's lover and so on. So they can prove that their boy toy is better then the other ones. Does that make sense? lol. And there can be more contestants like Xena entering Gabby ((who must be VERY embarrassed and humiliated at one point.)) And Hercules can enter Iolaus or Vice versa. It's all up to you guys. And they do sort of a beauty pageant contest dealy-bob.

I know, I know, its sounds dumb! lol. But I was stuck home sick and this idea just popped into my head all of the sudden! So I really hope someone will do my challenge! I think it has a lot of opportunities :)

Anyway, Im taking my flu ass back to bed.((cough-hack)) Good Luck if you decide to do this challenge, though Im sure whatever ya'll come up with will be fab!!


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