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Hello I'm Daasbuffy, I have just been able to join this list. This is a challenge that has been bothering me for about a month now, and I have gotten nowhere in writting it.

The 'Oh my God! Hercules killed Ares. That Bastard!' Challenge.

Things that must be included in the story:

-Ares is allegedly killed by Hercules. Hercules denies that he killed the God of War. (It is completely up to you whether or not Hercules killed Ares.)

-Ares death could herald the destruction of Greece and for some reason, Ares cannot be resurrected. (Again it is up to you what this reason is, however if you can't think of any email me and I could giver you a few.)

-Ares daughter, Enyo the Goddess of War is made the Temporary Head of he House Of War.

Thing that don't have to be included in the story, but what I would like to see:

-Hercules is severely punished, whether or not he is guilty. *inset evil laughter*

-Ares is resurrected or reborn as the God of anything that doesn't involved War.

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