Challenge Description

Hi All

I have a challenge for you, think "Survivor"Olympianstyle.

you have
Team: Olympus Ares/Joxer Cupid/Strife
Team: Heros Xena/Gabby Hercules/Iolaus

the challenge is to see who is the best Olympus orHeros. Instead of voting each other out, the teamscompete against each other and the winner of thechallenge gets to pick the other team challenge forthe next day. The team that survives gets the prize,(A matching set of Ginus knives,Strife wantsthese)no,no,no just kidding about the knives Icouldn't think of a prize. Oh by the way Joxer did notstart out with team Olympus he was with Xena but theyonly needed four people and team Olympus only hadthree so Xena sent Joxer to "help" Ares since theywere a short a person. Or as close to the story youcan get.


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