Challenge Description

I had an idea, too. Don't know if it qualifies as a challenge but perhabs someone likes the idea.

Imagine: A goddess, daughter of Morpheus. Her name is Cassandra( if you don't like the name feel free to change it) and she grew up very sheltered. Her dad didn't let her in the world of mortals but she thinks it's necessary to do her job for she is the goddess of wishes and dreams.

Cassandra grew up with Strife as best friend, the House of War her second home. When Strife helped her to explore the human realm she fell in love and decided to stay amongst humans living as one. There's only one problem: Cassandra is engaged with Ares and Morpheus and Zeus will not let her marry a mortal. Cassandra is friends with the fates, too. As a kid she often helped with their work.

Well, I really don't know if this is a challenge but you could make a story with A/J and/or C/S out of this.

If you have any questions mail me.

Bye, CR

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