Challenge Description

Hi y'all :)

I'd forgotten about this, i was going to post this as a challenge ages

Do any of you remember my fic Merge? Well, when i started writing it,
it was supposed to be *all* about Cupid and Strife merging and having
to cope with being in each other's head, doing their jobs together,
looking after Bliss, etc etc, and of course either being and admitting
to being in love with each other, or falling in love. But no, my muse
decided, ooh let's make it mostly Ares and Joxer.

So what i'd like to see is a C/S merge, with A/J in there somewhere, of
course :)
How they merged, unmerge and everything else in between is open :) Lots
of silliness i think is a must.

Have fun ;)

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