Challenge Description

"On the last full moon of the year of Fire will the youngest and the hidden one come together to create a spell of conception. Thus will the future come from the past and the circle be cast in flesh. From this union will come the Child of Love reborn. Thou art the first, Thou are the last. And the Light shall triumph." (From Athea's HP fic, The Child of Love.)

This ancient prohecy was written regarding the union of Harry Potter and Severus Snape, the child being Dite, reborn. In the war against Voldemort, powers greater than just those of wizarding society must be brought in. The Greek Pantheon, driven under by Hercules and followers of "the Way," can only be brought to the surface by a reborn Aphrodite and the already reborn Joxer, in the form of Neville Longbottom. Voldemort and Dahak are connected, either as one in the same, or with Voldie as Dahak's highest priest.

As you probably know, I suck at specific requirements, but I would like to see:
- Neville realises that he is Joxer when Ares is brought back and seeks him out- they had been married on Olympus.
-Zeus going off on Hercules (who, thanks to immortality, is still around) for bringing his father's 'death.'
-Nasty Sirius!, well, being his normal self.

That's about it. Play around. Other HP characters as gods or not, and general chaos. And also, if you like, remember to thank Athea for her kind use of the prophecy.


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