Challenge Description

I lost my job do to my health and haven't been able to finish anything that I have started writing so I decided to make others write or at least try to

make others write. The challenge is you pick 2 characters that you dislike and 2 that you like. It doesn't matter the fandom or the genre.

What you do is you take the 2 characters that you dislike and pair them with the two you like as friends, lovers, family, whatever. The only thing is

is if you chose them and they become lovers it CANNOT be by rape or by non-con. If you do a crossover you have to chose one you like and one

you dislike from each fandom and you can make it a crossover pairing.

If you want to have more than 2 you can, but no less than 2 disliked and 2 liked characters. Have Fun!


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