Kink Challenge 1

Hello All;

Well my Kink muse has been taunting me with a fic lately and while I have the idea, it won't let me write it so I decided to share.

The characters are up to you.

Character A wakes up in a warm room, naked and blindfolded. When they try to move they realize their arms are cuffed behind their back and their ankles are tied to the bed. What follows is the most intense sex of their life. In their minds they say no, but their body wants more. For three days they are, gently, taken in any way their capture wants, but at the end of the three days they wake up alone and in their apartment.

The only proof that it happened is the pleasurably used feeling in their body, hickies on various parts of their anatomy, and questions from friends and colleges as to where they were. Character A makes up an excuss sure no one will believe him/her. However, Character B, knows what happened and starts sending presents and reminders of the weekend. Watching as Character A tries to come to grips with this new turn in their life and try to find out where and who they were with on the weekened.

The only request that I have is no violence, Character B is a seducer if a bit dark about it and is trying to work up their way into keeping Character A as their own.


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