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I have a challenge for anyone who wants to take it.

Joxer and Olympus:

Joxer is dreaming of being on olympus, but there are no gods there. Notemples to any gods, just a small stone house, and gardens with all sorts ofanimals and plants. It is a tranquil place to be. He walks attending tothe animals and other creatures from dreams and nightmares. Then he seessomething coming, and the gardens are gone and the temples are in theirplace. Little does he know that his dreams are having an effect on Olympus.


Olympus is "alive" and wants its children back.
Olympus was not created by the Titans.
Joxer and his "brothers" were the caretakers/children of Olympus
Jett and Jace are not human.

Joxer the displaced god

There is a god that was forgotten about. He was the god of those that werealways put down and never given a chance, forgotten, or betrayed by theirmost beloved one. This god gave and gave of himself, until he lost himselfin the prayers of his subjects. His name is Joxer and his persona ismortal. When he dies he is alway reborn, with twin siblings, rememberingnot the previous life. Every stumble, every fall, every single time hehurts himself is because he is unconsiously answering the prays of hisfollowers. Until that one fateful day that Ares found the doorway to anempty temple.


Hera's revenge:

Hera wakes up without her powers, and in the middle of the road. She isfound by a Warlord who wishes her to be a midwife to his wife. She deliversthree sons and watches as they grow. She is defenceless against the menhere and not allowed to leave. All her prayers are blocked and her body isaging. She watches in sadness as the warlord abuses his wife and children.She crys as she cleans their wounds. But she is the Queen of the Gods andshe does plan.


Basis for Hera seeing what happened in Joxer's childhood

Hera loving the boys like her own children

Hera planning to find the right protectors for each boy.

Hera eventually getting her powers back and exacting a very unusualpunishment on both Zeus and Joxer's Father.

(Why Zeus you ask, because she finally understands how helpless one is whensomeone is stronger then you, and she remembers the pain of her children.)

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