Challenge Description

I had the opportunity to read a great story by the author Shamenka.
The story is called "Fool and the God".

What I wanted to focus on is that in this story a comment is made that Joxer would have made a better king of the gods than Zeus.

This is the challenge:

Joxer is transformed (and since it is the season.. at the Winter Solstice) by an outside force.. it must be totally not related to the present gods. You could do .. ancient talisman.. or Gaea.. or the Titans.. or whatever.. but he is changed into the King of the Gods. Zeus and Hera are not pleased.. and the rest of the pantheon is up in arms over it. However, it seems that while a bit off as a mortal.. Joxer is more than just right for the position. He disciplines those who need it.. makes peace and gets the respect he deserves from the rest of the gods and from the other pantheon rulers.

1. He takes Ares as his Consort.
2. He stops the twilight of the gods.
3. He thumps Hercules but good.. making him finally realize how WRONG he is.
4. He gets rid of Psyche.. or maybe just lets her be with someone else.. your choice.
5. He gets Strife back and with Cupid where he belongs.

Ladies.. Gentlemen.. writers/authors..
I know this is asking a great deal.. but I believe it might.. through your talents.. turn into a great story.. or series.

Here is hoping that one or more takes up this challenge..
Thank you,

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