Challenge Description

Dream challenge!

Why call it that?

Easy, the last two nights being sick I have had all
these snippets and images. Usually I write my dreams
into stories but I have two large ones I am currently
in the middle of. And these two are suitable for a
fiction challenge or two ;)

First one

Ares is on a quest He has achieved everything for
success as a great wargod, but it is not enough.
Something is missing.

Going to either Aphrodite/Cupid or the Fates they are
told that what is missing is love...someone for them
to care for personally. They have to go on a
journey/quest to find the answer. And then they are
offered three choices. {this is where my dream comes
in just before waking}

Waving an arm, the figure showed the questor three
images. All seemed of the same man, until a closer
look was made.

"You're ideal mate is one of these three men,
triplets." There was a pause and the first one was
highlighted. He had blond hair hair with an open face
and smile, wore silk and bright colours and was

"Jace is the epitome of Love. He is always caring,
will be there to soothe you when you are down, a
helpmeet in a time of trouble."

The light darkens over Jace and shines over the next
triplet. His hair is black and he is kind of sneering.
He wears black skin tight leather all over and
balances a silver dagger on his fingertips.

"Jett is an Assassin. He will help you in your battles
and fight to protect you, killing all who oppose you.
He would let no one hurt you."

The light dims over Jett and finally highlights the
third and final triplet. His hair is brown, with
reddish highlights. He has an open face that is
currently unhappy as he looks somewhere in the
distance. He wears a hodgepodge of armour put together
from several different styles and holds a slightly
bent sword in one hand and lute in the other.

"Joxer does not yet know what is or can be. He is
convinced he is a mighty warrior yet he cannot fight.
When he tries to help others he ends up needing to be
rescued. When he loves he loves faithfully and will do
anything possible to make them happy, even if it hurts
him. He is clumsy, loyal to a fault, will argue with
you if he thinks you are wrong, and will love you till
the end of time."

The light dims over the third triplet and the images
of all three appear once more, showing what they are
doing right now. Jace is on a stage, singing. Jett is
somewhere dark, moving quickly and quietly towards his
goal. Joxer is being yelled at by some blonde girl
while she has a tight hold of his nose. The look on
his face is one of quiet desperation as he listens to

Finally, the images die away and the figure speaks


My challenge is for you to write a story with this
scene included. Who does the warrior choose and why?
{My dream was Joxer/Ares implied, so that would be
nice, but I woke up before the chosen or chooser was
determined} And it would be good if Strife and Cupid
are with him to help him in his quest, too.

I love my dreams!


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