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Was watching Patriot Games last night, and noticed Ted Raimi's in it as a CIA analyst on satellites. (repeats the role in Clear and Present Danger) Anyone want to do a story where Joxer's in the CIA as an observer/facilitator to the House of War (could be as god of Peace, averting any problems)?

Heather, scared people by going 'Him! Eeee! In glasses! So cute!'

Its been ages since I last posted .... anyway, been keeping up with
all the fics .... great work all, enjoying them immensely.

I like the idea of Joxer being a CIA operative or something along
those lines .... but there have been lots of fics where he is the god
of peace - so how about something slightly different.

He is from our time or sometime in the future where time travel is
possible but still kept secret, big military operation sort of
thing. He has been sent back in time to get information for whatever
reason, maybe the earth is threatened in the future and he has been
sent to the past to try and get as much information about the greek
gods and heroes like Herc and Xena ... so that in our time, we might
be able to learn a new way of fighting this enemy - whoever or
whatever it is ... maybe Dahok [sp].

In the meantime, of course, he plays an idiot and a fool .....
because, it is the best way to gather information ..... everybody
ignores him and is not afraid to talk infront of him as they don't
see him as any sort of threat.

He of course, keeps sending information back to CIA or the military
and one of the times when he sends info back, he gets caught out.
Maybe be Ares .... so on and so forth .... Joxer then has to tell
Ares the truth .... they spend time together, fall in love ..... does
he stay in the past, bring Ares to the future .... who knows ?!?!?!?

You could even have very amusing bits and pieces where he tries to
explain to xena and gabrielle and ares future inventions or shows
them how to use his laptop computer or something like that. Or
trying to explain to Cupid about modern aerodynamics and how man
can now fly ..... even using the old joke about 'if god wanted man to
fly, he would have given them wings or sent them the tickets'.

Not bad for a 2 minute brain storm. Anyway, that was my idea. If
anyone wants to run with it or change it ..... go right ahead.

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