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I blame this on Druid because of the Riven series
start and Corona whose Childhood & Growing up series
really got me thinking about the Gods as kids. I like
seeing the characters, the events which shaped them
and how their relationships change and evolve.

I haven't come across any stories though that portray
Strife as older than Cupid. BTW if anyone finds any
send me the link. That idea is what spawned this bunny
that is up for grabs in any way or form since I've
never tackled this fandom (and have unfinished work in
another which will get my a@@ kicked if I don't buckle
down and updated)

Given that Mischief Gods are so prevalent and
important in so many pantheons and given that Strife's
father is up for casting. what if Eris didn't know she
gave birth (spontaneously reproduced - whatever) She
could have thought she was sick or injured in battle -
this would explain why Strife is not as well known as
the rest of the Gods.

Maybe the rest of the pantheon couldn't see him. like
he was the imaginary friend of the younger demi-Gods,
even the children of the Gods who saw him and played
with him every day would reach a point where they grew
up and thought they had imagined him. [Just for
reference whenever I try to envision him as a kid I
see this miniature whirlwind with big blue eyes. kind
of like some of the oldest 'Dennis the Menace' comic

So, little godling born/spawned as a perpetual six
year old, powered by all the general mischief in
Olympus and even follows around his Mom and favorite
Uncle occasionally when bored (oh, dangerous, bored
Strife) - and has an odd perspective on just what they
do. He plays with friends who stay for years then with
a burst of power assume their Godhoods and don't see
him anymore or grow-up and grow old if they are mortal
while he doesn't.

And then Cupid comes along. Strife, either because he
doesn't want to lose this friend or in order to save
Cupid from something, latches on or ties their powers
together. When the 'change' hits Cupid *bam* suddenly
Strife. The rest of the Gods meet either an adult or
teenaged (the kind you don't feel comfortable letting
your kids hang out with) Strife, who knows all about
them and has been living among them for hundreds if
not thousands of years.

Okay, kind of vague - but I really hope someone tries
the Strife is older than Cupid idea and if any of this
helps explain why, cool.

Btw, does anyone else think that this is an
insidiously addictive fandom? If just kind of creeps
up on you and then you find yourself thinking of Ares
while at work and you end up trying to explain the
dopey smile on you face


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