Challenge Description

Ok, lets say the thing with Xena did not happen. the gods are still alive and well, maybe a little smarter. Joxer is an immortal consort to Ares. And he is taking a trip on earth when he is captured by the inquisition. Of course he gets tortured and other stuff, but before he can be found guilty of witchcraft (not without trying) Ares finds him and flashes him home. What took him so long.....

Ok, Ares is pissed with a capital P. Strife and cupid are the same. So all three decide to play with different groups of the inquision. But killing them outright would be no fun. Ares gets the group that mainly tortured Joxer, Strife gets the group that questioned him endlessly, and Cupid gets the ones who captured him. And boy did they have fun screwing with these peoples minds.


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