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Hey ppl,

I have been reading alot of highlander slash lately(not that I'm abandoning Herc/Xena slash or anything) and my favorite of that bunch is definitely Methos.

Last night got me thinking of the 'What if's'

What if Joxer died and became immortal and Methos became his teacher because he found him after he died?

What if Ares finally started to notice Joxer because of all the death of all the opponents that faced him and gave him a sword?

And what if Joxer became one of the few immortals up for grabs for the prize in the gathering?

See what I'm getting at?

Anyway, if anyone is up to this challege, here are a few ground rules.

1) Must be set in the present day with flashbacks to Ancient Greece from time to time.

2)Must be a one parter or at least no longer than 3 parts, i hate waiting.

3)Since Hercules and Xena are Demigods and probably having the gift of immortality, choose only one of them as a supporting cast.

4)Ares is aware of the Game and doesn't interfer when Joxer fights. But that doesn't stop him from worrying about him.

5)Highlander characters other than Methos are optionals as well as other various Gods and Goddesses. Original characters are encouraged

6)And lastly, for my amusement, there must be a reference to one popular and very annoying Pop song somewhere in the story. I know that is sick but blame it on the subliminal messages the radio send.

I hope someone takes this one up.


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