Challenge Description

Ok - here's the set up...

A function on Olympus - you decide what for - and ALL the Gods, Goddesses,
Demi - Gods and Goddesses are in attendance, mortal too if you wish <veg>.
(With me thus far? bwahaha) Bliss (or klutz of your choice) accidentally
spills a largish bottle of a love/lust/desire/arousal potion all over
Strife... Right in front of everyone....

Here's the challenge...

Who desires him, who tries it on, who succeeds, what are the consequences?
And it's up to you if it's a happy ending, a tragic ending, a comedic/happy
ending or some other type of ending you so desire to write! (But I vote for
the third choice <<insert angelic smile here>>)

Must haves...

Zeus finally having the word NO said to him and it being binding <g> (Sorry -
but I find the idea of Zeus and Strife is just sooooooo squeeby - yeuch!)

Someone discovers the Strife has an all over suntan with NO swimsuit lines

Other than that - it's up to you!!!

Any takers?


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