Challenge Description

He's what.....?!

joxer is ares consort (you decide for how many years)

gabby and xena don't know. better way to keep an eye on them this way.

joxer gets pregnant (yes the kid is ares's) but doesn't find out until he's off on his way (in xena and gabby's company) on their way to stop a war or whatever you wanna write them in (save the innocent and stop the bad war....yada yada yada). why he's doing this and whatever way you cook up for making him able to become pregnant is your own creation.

jett and jace gets involved somehow.

they somehow find out. they go along and baby joxer on the way (imagine jett's brand of babying) and being very threatening to gabby and xena (who don't know anything).

discord, strife, ares, aphridite, jett, jace,....(anyone else you wanna add in) get's pissed at gabby.

ares doesn't find out about joxie's condition until he checks up on him....and he's in the middle of the battlefield.

pixy dust -

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