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I was rereading the Survey results (which are hillarious btw) and an idea struck me while I was reading Hestia's and I have no idea where to go with it so I thought I would make it a challange so here goes my idea:

Hestia knows something about the triple terrors (Jett, Jace, & Joxer) that no one else does. You choose what it is.

What Hestia knows is actually something very vital or powerful.

Hestia is actually a _lot_ different than everyone thought she was.

Now here are the requirrments (choose at least 5):

1. The song 'Your So Vain' used in some way connected with either Hercules or Zeus; your choice.

2. Joxer in leather (just cause I like that image).

3. A mango thrown in (the fruit or the fruity person. doesn't matter)

4. Hestia telling off the patheon for whatever reason.

5. Joxer/Ares of course.

6. A little used God or Goddess finding out what the secret is (like Eos or Aether who aren't used nearly enough or at all).

7. Death by Chocolate (just cause I'm a chocohalic).

8. Another patheon somehow getting draged in (it can be just one forgien god/dess if you wish).

9. Methos is there for whatever reason (just cause I like him), other Horsemen optional.

10. Gaia treating Zeus like a deviant 5-year-old with their hand caught in the cookie jar.

Anyway I really just had the thought occur to me and would like to see if people will answer this. The results could get interesting.


Danyella, May the gods forgive me for being so insane. ....Wait, i was insane already, nevermind then.

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