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Hey all!

This idea popped into my head because my 6 year old kid wanted me to "read"
him my "online stories" because I laughed at some. When I wouldn't/couldn't
he declared that I was a "mean mommy" who "doesn't share". ::pleading look::
I *need* some G and PG rated stories about kids that he can have read to him.
He knows these people from watching Young Hercules, so...

I came up with an idea for an AU. I figure that if everyone uses the "basic
facts" for this AU and just writes up a short vignette or whatever, then I
could have a bunch of stories (and so would all of you mommy's, aunts, uncles
and baby-sitters) that are for children and about children. ::smirks:: About
Cupid and Strife's children, to be exact.

"Hera's Curse" - As the Goddess of Childbirth, the Queen of Olympus is
blamed/credited with inventing the "mother's" curse. (My mom placed it on me,
so I *know* it works) It goes; "Someday *you* are going to have children, and
they will act just! like! YOU!"

Hera's Curse AU "rules and facts"

- Cupid and Strife are happily married. Psyche was divorced and stripped of
God Powers.

- Cupid was the one to give birth to their daughter, Recess. She looks a lot
like her older half-brother Bliss, only her hair and wings are raven black.

- Bliss (unless someone knows for sure what he was on the show) is the
Godling of Happiness/Joy [this fits his name and makes sense as the son of
Love and the Mind(Psyche)]

- Recess is the Goddess of Childhood/Games [this makes sense as the daughter
of Love and Mischief]

- Joxer is Ares lover and if they can make it last for five years, Zeus will
grant Ares' petition for Joxer's immortality. They've got three years left to
go. [backstory - In his bumbling attempts to "defend" Ares, Joxer attempted
to talk a group of pacifists out of holding a "love in - anti war"
demonstration at one of the War Temples. He inadvertently caused an argument
that led to a fistfight. Ares was impressed that he could make *pacifists*
get violent and they quickly fell in love.]

- Joxer is Bliss and Recess' favorite "baby-sitter" because of his sweet
temper and love of fun...not to mention he's easy to "escape" from to the
Mortal Realm. ::grins::

- Cupid and Dite keep trying to "fix-up" Hercules and Iolaus as a couple,
because they are in love with each other, but Herc keeps resisting. He's
afraid that Iolaus will die (again and permenantly) like his two former
wives. The Love Goddess and Love God's plans to get them "together" is making
Herc paranoid.

- When Bliss and Recess "escape" from whoever (mostly Joxer) they tend to go
to their favorite mortals/demi-gods for entertainment.
--- King Orestes children/heirs [playmates]
--- King Iphicles son/heir [playmate]
--- Salmonious [he's always got neat stuff to play with - much to his
--- Unc' Auto (Hermes demi-god son Autolycus) - they like to "help"
him find all of the "neat pretties", although he is *not* inviting them to
pop in while he is stealing, they do it anyway.
--- Pestering Gabby for "stories" about Unc' Joxie and Aunt Xena.
--- Trying to convince Cupid/Strife to let them keep the various
animals (as outrageous as you like) that they drag up to Olympus as "pets".
--- Playing with the children of various small villages. (which often
end in disaster for the villagers and squeals of joy for the kids)

If you can, try to include a few of the people from above (although not all!)
and a few plot elements from below.

Plot elements:

- Cupid/Strife having to fix messes, offer services in payment and just
generally soothe "ruffled feathers" and "upset people".

- Someone sounding like an idiot (probably Ares, Strife, Discord, etc...) by
yelling in anger while not "cussing" in front of the babies.

- Some game (made up or real) that the kids talk someone into playing.

- When told "no" to a request, whining is a first line of defense; when in
trouble for being bad, cuteness is.

- Dite, Discord and Ares being unsympathetic towards Strife and Cupid. "After
all, when *you* were their age, you were *so* bad. I remember one time

So, there it is. The "Hera's Curse" AU challenge. ::grins:: Just remember,
they have to be rated G or PG so that I (or anyone else) can share them with
the children in their lives. And yes, I do realize I'm asking for stories to
share with my child that feature same-sex relationships. I'm trying to raise
him right. ::winks:: Tolerance is the only option.


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