Challenge Description

Ok, I have a thought that hit me last night. I have been reading way too much Harry Potter fanfiction. Now forgive me because I am in a hurry and my spelling cannot be checked. I have two challenges

Challenge Number one!

Joxer is reborn as a muggle wizard (one parent is muggle the other a wizard or squib). He has gotten a letter to go to hogwarts. Ares is allowed to become a child and goes to Hogwarts so he can be with Joxer.

Challenge number two!

There is a family that has a remarkable resemblences to their ancestors. In reality it is the greek gods that are having some kind of "vacation". Some are children and some are adults. Since they no longer have that many followers they can do what ever they want. And the have decided to be reborn again and again. And when they die, in reality they are just shedding that life and go back to living on Olympus until their turn comes around again. They have chosen the wizardy world because of their long life spans. One day Strife finds out that joxer has been reborn and takes steps to make sure that Ares and Joxer end up together this time. So off to Hogwarts Joxer goes.........

Ok, either trash this challenge or take it an make me a story!!! Gooooood LUCK!!!

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