Challenge Description

Hi guys! ::waves enthusiastically::

Alright, I have a very yummy challenge for *all* you writers out there.

I call this challenge, 'Hard Core Sex' Challenge.

What I want for this challenge, is this, you have to write a PWP (Plot? What plot?). Whichever couple turns you on the most. Either Ares/Joxer or Cupid/Strife, but you have to write them having sex in detail.

I wanna see descriptions of cocks pumping, lips smacking, balls retracting, etc. Don't know what the hell I'm getting at? Please, go to these two fine websites and read the following stories...

Her story I want ya to read to get inspired is called 'Something Furry This Way Comes'. Very, very nice visuals. It's A/J and C/S but focuses on Strife's POV.

Her story is what is in the addy. It's about Deimos, Phobos and a young adult Bliss. I believe it's set in our time. Talk about needing a cigarette after reading. ::squirms in chair::

Anyway, why do I wanna see this? Cause, as nice as soft, cutesy, sweet sex is; I'd like to read a sex scene that makes my mouth water, my eyeballs sweat and makes me wanna go grab the hubby. :)

Now, for those of you who are going 'oh my stars! sex!? wtf!?' Remember, this *is* an NC17 list. Not only that, but we have very few PWP's here. If you look, I even put this list in the adult-only section of yahoo!groups.

The only thing I ask, is that it's *not* a rape, noncon, or such story. Only cause, I know there are list sibs out there who shy away from that sort of stuff. *I* personally love the above types of stories, but not everyone does.

Also, I'm not asking for a porn type of story. I still want erotica, just highly detailed. That way, when I'm reading it, it'll make me feel like I'm actually there watching them do this. I'm not afraid of sex, hell, I have a kid and am married to a very...*ahem*...adventurous man. (If I have to tell you what I mean by that, then you don't know what I'm getting at with this challenge)

So, please, you guys who know how to write and have vivid imaginations like I do, I'll throw in choccy covered ::insert mortal or god of dreams here:: if you do this. Plus, I will be bowing down at your feet in praise.

I anxiously await anything that comes by. :)



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