Challenge Description

I know I've been out of touch with fics written here for a while, so this
may have been done, but I'll set the challenge anyway.

Normally C/S fics have Psyche as the 'bad one', having her divorce Cupid
because she's evil or cheated or by mutual consent. And normally Cupid gets

But what if Psyche was the one who caught Cupid cheating (with Strife,
obviously)? What if *he* broke *her* heart?

The Challenge is:

With the above premise, how does Strife cope being the 'other man'?
Psyche and Cupid divorce, but she gets custody of Bliss and remains a
goddess. Cupid gets Bliss on the weekends and odd days.
Does Bliss repeat to them what Psyche says? What happens if Strife goes to
pick Bliss up?

Go wild!


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