Challenge Description

Okay guys, I have a cool idea for a challenge.

Here it goes...

For some reason or other Ares, Cupid and Strife get turned back into infants and left on Joxer's 'doorstep'. Now, Joxer has to go and raise and protect these babies from the 'bad' people who try to hurt them, mainly Ares. Joxer's not sure if he can handle taking care of three godly babies and sets out to find Xena and Gabby to help him.

There's a bit of trouble on the way to the Heroes, but nothing major. Joxer gets stuck having to change dirty diapers and fussy, bratty babies.

Now, the three babies begin to grow up rather quickly, but not over night. More like over the course of a few weeks or a couple of months. Joxer begins to notice that baby!Strife and baby!Cupid become overly attached to each other, but nothing explicit yet, they are babies. joxer has to actually go through the infant stage, the terrible twos, pre-teen years, teenage stage, and finally young adult hood. Now, the cool thing is, the three godly babies know exactly who they are, but can't do a thing about it since they're small and vulnerable.

Come to find out, Eris got miffed about something the three of them did to her, nothing bad or nasty, and she wasn't too happy. She thought they were acting too immature so tells them 'you want to act like children, then be children'. Course, it back fired a bit and they wound up as infants.

Once Joxer finds Xena, she asks him how he got the three babies and if he got some girl pregnant, he blushes and tells her what happened and how he knows who they are. Course, with Cupid still having his wings, he kind of figured it out. Anyway, Xena says she needs to go see Herc since he has more pull with Zeus. She finds him and does the explaining thing to him. He laughs and stuff and baby!Ares zaps him one. Then Herc calls Zeus who comes down and says they have to find Eris to remove it. Well, on their way to find dear sweet Eris, that's when the babies begin to grow up. Cause everytime they go to her temple it's either being remodeled or such and they can't get in touch with her until it's too late and the three babies have alreayd grown up.

Sound good? I sure hope so. Someone, anyone take me up on this or if I do I'll have even more stories to do. :) Not that that'd be a bad thing or anything. LOL



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